One of the best helmet painters in New Zealand, Lovich Designs people choice award winning designs for the 2010 airbrush art competition truly reflect the talent of airbrush artist Dean.  He can custom paint helmets using airbrush techniques and you’ll be impressed with Deans freehand drawing ability and the steadiness of his hands to capture the essence of your whatever you can imagine. if you can't imagine it - Let dean inspire you with his creative ideas, experience and advice.

Be an individual and stand out with custom helmet painting. Airbrushed helmets offer a unique style for you to be noticed. Lovich design can custom paint helmets for bikers, motorsport drivers, fire fighters and Thundercat racing boat drivers.

Anyone who has a special custom helmet painting idea that they'd like should contact Lovich Design who will do the helmet painting for you. Bottom line is - every aspect of Deans work is first class. Typically if you airbrush helmets the graphics and style of the artwork enhances the imagery so much more than standard graphics and stickers. Airbrushed helmet art is photo-realistic and expressive.

If you are a fire fighter and want your headgear to show your commitment to your profession - Let Lovich Design the professional helmet painters individualise your helmet artwork to stand out.

Custom helmet painting is also great if you want to make a statement on you motorcycle. Bike helmets which are airbrushed with your own unique design enhance your appearance and style. Road Bikes, Sports Bikes, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Classic Motorcycles and Custom Restored Bikes – Stand out!

On the water airbrushed helmets for Thundercat drivers are especially beneficial as often your helmet would be the only thing seen through all the spray!

On the track for all types of motorsports the drivers helmet should reflect their teams brand or the drivers individuality.  Airbrushed helmet painting can reflect the colours and branding of your teams sponsors, or be customised to match your car so you consistently look the full package. With custom helmet painting the appearance of you or your team is refined. Let Dean create a genuine unique airbrushed helmet for you.

Helmets painting artwork is airbrushed on as the detail is so true to life. If you are a one of that group of individuals who wear a helmet, be it for leisure or sport contact the custom helmet painting expert Dean at Lovich Design who will create your own authentic design.