If you are looking for someone who can custom airbrush motorcycles listen to the people! – Lovich Design won the people’s choice award in the 2010 New Zealand Airbrush Art Competition. A true reflection of artist Deans talent.

Dean understands everyones motorcycle is unique to them and their paint work should reflect their individuality. Custom bike airbrushing is a great option to show your true style and make your bike stand out.

Using airbrush techniques on motorcycles can range from simple touch ups, to complete custom paint overhauls. Custom airbrushing is common on all types of motorcycles – Road Bikes, Sports Bikes, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Classic Motorcycles and Custom Restored Bikes. Talk to Dean and he’ll help bring to life custom airbrushed paint on your bike.

Highly skilled using airbrush techniques on motorcycles, Lovich Design can develop unique and attractive designs. The artwork can be from your own imagination or you can leave it with Dean to come up with a variety of clever airbrush ideas for you. Just explain your needs, what you like and don’t like and he’ll do the rest for you. If you want flame graphics Dean will custom design the style of the flames to suit your taste, mixing and matching your ideas and fine tuning the design to your exact liking.

Other requests for custom paint on bikes typically include candy and chameleon paint, traditional gold leaf, pinstripes, and custom lettering. Dean can vividly bring to life your desired fantasy figurines and sexy women. If your delight is in the ghoulish then artwork of ghosts, skeletons, reapers and skulls can be custom airbrushed too.

The cost involved in custom airbrushing for motorcycles is very reasonable considering the amount of time spent on each piece - This is a great investment, and one that to date has enhanced many bikes and created many satisfied customers.

If you are thinking about custom motorcycle paint contact Dean at Lovich Design and discuss your design ideas.