With over 20 years of experience airbrushing on cars and vehicle airbrushing, Artist Dean of Lovich Design can set your vehicle in a class of its own with his custom car painting and vehicle signage.

Custom car paint and car airbrushing typically includes vehicle signage for:

Custom & Classic Cars 

There’s something about Kiwis restoring classic and vintage cars. If you have a classic American muscle car, Hot Rod, Drag Car, Vintage or hobby car and are looking for someone you can trust with car airbrushing and graphics Dean from Lovich Design produces one of a kind artwork every time. Using only the highest quality materials from the prep process to the final polishing touches – Let Dean show you how auto airbrushing gives your car unique character.

Speedway Racing Cars

Speedway is one of New Zealand’s most popular racing sports. Dean can create custom artwork on cars for all the popular classes: Stockcars, Superstock, Sidecar, Streetstock, Minisprint, Midget, Sprintcars, and Saloon racing vehicles. Custom artwork on cars and car airbrushing takes an ordinary vehicle and puts it in a class of its own with authentic signage designs and eye catching graphics.


If your racing team is part of the New Zealand V8 touring car category, Toyota racing series, formula ford, Suzuki swift or production premier racing circuit, Lovich design can create custom Vehicle signage and artwork to display your teams sponsors.  Make sure your driver and sponsors get noticed by your supporters.

If you are part of the race championship series classes NZ Formula First, NZ Super Trucks, NZ Porsche Championship - custom lettering and signage is essential for your vehicle for the driver & sponsors that want to stand out from the crowd.

Rally Cars 

Vehicle custom artwork and signage is essential to encapsulate in your spectators minds while they watch Rally New Zealand. Dean from Lovich Design creates custom automotive paint and signage tailored to the driver's individuality, car and sponsors.

Auto custom paint and airbrushing art on vehicles creates stand out uniqueness! Dean's forte is unique artwork on vehicles and car airbrushing - Custom graphics are his specialty.  No matter what your taste, Lovich Design can create artwork that will make your vehicle stand out.

Recent Work - Custom airbrushing paint and vehicle signage 

Vehicle custom artwork for Pohutukawa Electrical...